Mookology on Hiatus!

Hello faithful readers!  These past few months have been very busy and filled with work, play, and travel.  While I have read a plethora of incredible books, it has been quite difficult to actually see the adaptations.

But fear not!  After a short hiatus, Mookology will be back and better than ever, with a revamped layout and plenty of Mook Reviews (“The Spectacular Now”, “The Mortal Instruments”, and oldie but goodie “Into the Wild” to name a few.)

I’ll be seeing you…


Happy 1st Birthday to Mookology!



It is with all of the brightness in my heart that I am able to wish this blog a very Happy 1st Birthday!  Each day, I am so thankful for all of the support that has came from Mookology’s fans, and if it weren’t for each and every follower this blog would not be where it is today.  One year is a milestone for any small blog, and I am so ecstatic that my book adaptation reviews have come so far.

With 2013 fast approaching, it only feels right to announce my New Years resolution for Mookology – to post more!  The past few months have been lackluster and indeed I do apologize, but slow and steady wins the race and Mookology will be back in action full force come 2013.  To all of my followers, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

Mookology on ZazenLife!

Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs

Autobiography of Elissa Wall

The awesome team at ZazenLife has welcomed me to their blog as an official contributing writer.  I have guest blogged on their site before, contributing two articles (Review of Emptiness Dancing by Adyashanti and an article about the Bodhi Tree in Hawaii) but now I will regularly post entries.  They will be mostly book reviews, although non-mook, and you can check out my latest entry published today by clicking the link below and don’t forget to follow ZazenLife on Twitter and Facebook.

Book Review: “Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs”

The Sunshine Blog Award

Sunshine Blog AwardWords can hardly express how grateful I am to receive a second blog award!  It is with immense happiness that I thank Write, Wrong, and Everything InBetween Reviews for honoring Mookology with the Sunshine Award.  It is also my birthday today, which makes this blog posting extra special :)

To put it simply, the Sunshine Award goes to those special blogs out there who just make others happy with their posting.  As a writer, this is one of the best gifts I could ever receive.  To make someone smile through my writing is a wonderful accomplishment, and one of my main intentions in what I do.  Here are the rules of this lovely award:

After posting the award picture and thanking the blogger that nominated you, you must answer a few funny questions and nominate 10 more blogs for the Sunshine Award.  Here are my answers:

  • Favorite color: Yellow :)  It is bright and happy and reminds me of Spring, which is my favorite season!
  • Favorite animal:  The red panda!  This species is incredibly adorable and also very endangered :/  I also absolutely LOVE big cats, especially tigers and leopards.  This is a hard question for me since I love all animals and hope to work with them some day in my future.
  • Favorite number: 4 and 2.
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Arizona Iced Tea and Coffee.
  • Facebook or Twitter: They are both great for different things.  I use Twitter more for my followers and Facebook for my friends.
  • My passion:  Writing, music, and cupcakes – in that order!
  • Prefer Giving or Getting presents:  Giving! I am the worst present giver ever because when I get something for someone I know they will truly love I get very anxious to give it to them.  Receiving presents isn’t bad either, though ;)
  • Favorite pattern: I love paisley and stripes.
  • Favorite day of the week: Wednesday aka: Humpday.  It means the week is halfway over!
  • Favorite flower: Sunflowers and Daffodils.

The following 10 blogs are my nominees for the Sunshine Award, and you should all check them out!

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Congratulations bloggers!

Awesome blog and sweet posting on 2012 mooks!

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

I read the book A Princess of Marsby Edgar Rice Burroughs many years ago when I was at school although I enjoyed it at the time hadn’t given it a second thought until the trailers for the movie John Carter appeared a few months ago. Judging from the trailer it is a lose adaptation at best taking characters and ideas but not the plot from the novel originally published nearly a century ago (1917). Given the number of versions Edgar Rice Burroughs other creation, Tarzan it surprising to learn this is the first big screen outing for John Carter and “Barsoom” series of novels. Tomorrows releases got me thinking about other books I have read that will be hitting the cinema this year:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: From a novel I read a long time ago to one I have only just read. I saw the box…

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Mook Review: Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants  Written by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen, Review, Book, Mookology


This is a book I read specifically because I saw the trailer for the movie.  “Water for Elephants” seemed like an over-produced, glammed up, Hollywood take on a story that had potential to be quite interesting.  I read this book with my friend Kassie, both of us determined to finish it before the film came out.  We finished it in a few days filled with mini book-meetings, where Kassie and I gushed over the plot and budding romance between Jacob and Marlena.

Water for Elephants was a really nice story.  Sara Gruen definitely did her homework, making the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth seem like a genuine circus, complete with dancing animals and freaks of all shapes and sizes. There is a lot going on in the story.  I enjoyed how the novel, told from Jacob’s perspective, continuously flashed back and forth between present and past time.  Fear is central to the story; members of the circus are fearful of many things such as getting “red-lighted” or contracting Jake leg.  Most of all, August is feared, his manic-depressive mood swings having kept all of the characters on their toes.  As the reading begins, we already know the circus is going to fall apart, and Gruen accomplishes a successful turn of events that lead to the Benzini Brothers downfall.

I did find the relationship between Jacob and Marlena to be rushed and almost underdeveloped.  While it is clear they have deep feelings for eachother, how they fall in love is kind of over looked.  I understood the severity of keeping their relationship a secret from August but, for some reason, it didn’t feel very realistic to me; the only moments where I felt their connection was when Jacob in the nursing home spoke of Marlena.   Regardless, Kassie and I praised Water for Elephants and had very high hopes for the movie, although the actors did not seem fitting for the characters.

“Water for Elephants”  Directed by Francis Lawrence

Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Francis Lawrence, Mookology, Jacob Jankowski, Marlena


I believe this was one of those instances where reading the novel hurt my appreciation for the movie.  To begin, I did not see Reese Witherspoon playing the role of Marlena.  While I am a fan of Reese, I felt she is too seasoned, too stereotyped, and definitely too blonde to portray the petite, youthful Marlena. I am not saying Reese is not beautiful, I just felt this was Hollywood’s way to attract viewers.  Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon are two powerhouses in the movie industry so, rather than cast appropriately, 20th Century Fox wanted celebrities.  Understood.

The movie was good.  There were obvious changes to the story and characters were removed, but the solid storylines were there. I felt that Rosie really became a character rather than just a concept support to the plot, which I liked. Christoph Waltz as August was truly brilliant and, in my opinion, was the only one to truly embrace their character.  Watching the film you really begin to hate August, which is exactly what the story wants you to feel.

Just like many romantic dramas, “Water For Elephants” was heartwarming, sweet, and suspenseful, but I wanted the emotions I felt reading the book.  It just didn’t come across to me and I felt I would have enjoyed the movie more on its own, without my ideas from the novel in the back of my mind.  It is hard to judge this mook.  It was a decent movie that was clearly inspired by the book… but I wasn’t impressed.  I think better casting and screenwriting choices would have made it more successful.

Mook Rating – ★★