Mook Review: Snow White Part Two – “Snow White & the Huntsman”

Since two Snow White inspired movies were released in 2012, I split this post in two parts.  Part One compares “Mirror Mirror” and Part Two compares “Snow White & the Huntsman.”  Click to read Mook Review: Snow White Part One – “Mirror Mirror” which includes a review of Little Snow-White by the Brothers Grimm.  Happy Reading!

“Snow White & the Huntsman”  Directed by Rupert Sanders

Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Rupert  Sanders, Snow White


Admittedly, this was the Snow White movie I was much more excited to see this year, as it seemed less kid-friendly and more dark and intense.  I really liked the alterations to the story; all of the elements of the original Little Snow-White were basically there with a subtle twist which made “Snow White and the Huntsman” interesting.  Specifically, Queen Ravena’s rise to power was much different from the original tale right from the beginning.  She intentionally kills the King and overtakes his Kingdom, which eventually becomes withered, poor, and helpless under her evil rule.  The Queen steals beauty from the young girls in the kingdom in order to stay youthful, but when Snow White comes of age the Queen realizes it is Snow who will break her spell.

While Kristen Stewart definitely looked gorgeous as Snow White, my problem with her character was that she barely had any lines.  I’m not a fan of Stewart’s acting at all but I think what happened in this movie isn’t her fault.  I was hoping to see Stewart portray a role that we are not used to seeing her in and potentially break out of her stereotype. I wanted to see this Snow White be strong willed, brave, and exciting but instead I found her to be meek, helpless, and relying on the help of others (ie: Bella in “Twilight”).  When she had her big ‘waking up’ moment at the end of the film, encouraging her supporters to fight for her honor, it was a little unbelievable.  Although I do think Stewart brought much more emotion at that moment than ever before, it didn’t necessarily work for me.

Despite that problem, I thought the movie was pretty fantastic.  The visuals were great, I loved the changes to the storyline (not to mention Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman was oh so lovely to look at).  The final scene was a little strange to me.  I didn’t think it accomplished much, but it wont be the last we see of Snow White since a sequel has officially been approved.  If you are into fantasy and fairy tales, I would definitely give this film a shot.

Mook Rating  ★★★ 1/2


7 thoughts on “Mook Review: Snow White Part Two – “Snow White & the Huntsman”

  1. I really enjoyed this film as well, even though it wasn’t quite perfect. It showed enough creativity to become a potential cult classic, not quite a Labyrinth or Legend, but worth watching all the same.

  2. The ending was very awkward in a very Kristen Stewart way, I just kept waiting for her to say something or for something to happened. One thing that bothers me about all Snow White movies is that it is portrayed that it is a step-mother that wants Snow White dead, but in the original Grimm story it is her mother. I wish that part of the fairy tale was shown more.

    • Haha, yes I agree. The ending was so awkward, like there was something going on that I didn’t understand. And the copy that I have of the Grimms tale definitely has a stepmother who is obsessed with her beauty and wants to kill Snow White – her real Mom dies shortly after her birth.

      • that is so weird because when I took a class on German Lit, the version we had said that it was her mother.

      • That is the good/bad thing about fairy tales – we will never know what the actual story is because it has been passed down through so many generations… I did a quick wiki search though, and it said the very first edition WAS it Snow White’s biological mother and all subsequent versions were a step-mother. So that is probably right!

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