Kreativ Blogger Award

Yet again, Mookology has been honored with another award.  I hope my gratitude radiates from this computer screen and out to all my lovely readers.  Without my followers Mookology would not be a success and I am forever grateful for all of you!

Kreativ Blogger Award, Books, Films, Book Adaptations, Film Adaptations

Kreativ Blogger Award


My third blog award has been given to me by armchairauthor over at Ink.  Funnily enough, I had awarded Ink the Sunshine Award last week and received this fantastic reward in return :)  If you haven’t already, definitely check Ink out – it is an awesome blog with tons of great reviews and goodies.  Upon receiving this award, I am supposed to tell you guys ten things you probably didn’t know about me.  Here we go…


  1. I can speed read.
  2. I paint my nails 3-4 times a week.  It is a problem.
  3. My best friend has been my best friend since we were 6 months old.  We are now both 23.
  4. I love to bake cupcakes
  5. I am terrified of spiders.
  6. I’ve never been stung by a bee.
  7. I can’t burp (trust me, I have tried everything, it is impossible)
  8. Music is my escape from reality.
  9. I have 3 tattoos… and counting.
  10. Hanson has been one of my favorite bands since I was 8 years old, and I am proud of it!

Now that you know a little bit more about me, here are some of my favorite blogs which I have nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award: Stay Writing Art, Fandango Groovers, Cupcake Crusaders, Flickers of Wonder, The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say “Shhh”, Earl’s World, Cresci ReviewsLove Your Movies, Book It, and Fay Hearts! ♥.

Check ’em all out!  Thanks again for all of your support – keep reading and come back this week for some new Mook reviews :)


11 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Wow, I am like your bee-sting inverse. I have never met a bee that DIDN’T sting me. Most memorable stings include: the exact center of the sole of my foot, and my closed eyelid.

  2. Thank you for the recognition! I can’t fit in awards posts any more (oh my, that makes me sound so stuck up!) but I do appreciate the blog love!

  3. I am a New Blogger, and found you by accident, however, I rather enjoyed your blog, the many bloggers you have talked about. I am seeking advise on my own blog and what I need to do to get it noticed? It’s not a special blog, although it’s important to me. I will be reading here a lot.

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