The Sunshine Blog Award

Sunshine Blog AwardWords can hardly express how grateful I am to receive a second blog award!  It is with immense happiness that I thank Write, Wrong, and Everything InBetween Reviews for honoring Mookology with the Sunshine Award.  It is also my birthday today, which makes this blog posting extra special :)

To put it simply, the Sunshine Award goes to those special blogs out there who just make others happy with their posting.  As a writer, this is one of the best gifts I could ever receive.  To make someone smile through my writing is a wonderful accomplishment, and one of my main intentions in what I do.  Here are the rules of this lovely award:

After posting the award picture and thanking the blogger that nominated you, you must answer a few funny questions and nominate 10 more blogs for the Sunshine Award.  Here are my answers:

  • Favorite color: Yellow :)  It is bright and happy and reminds me of Spring, which is my favorite season!
  • Favorite animal:  The red panda!  This species is incredibly adorable and also very endangered :/  I also absolutely LOVE big cats, especially tigers and leopards.  This is a hard question for me since I love all animals and hope to work with them some day in my future.
  • Favorite number: 4 and 2.
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Arizona Iced Tea and Coffee.
  • Facebook or Twitter: They are both great for different things.  I use Twitter more for my followers and Facebook for my friends.
  • My passion:  Writing, music, and cupcakes – in that order!
  • Prefer Giving or Getting presents:  Giving! I am the worst present giver ever because when I get something for someone I know they will truly love I get very anxious to give it to them.  Receiving presents isn’t bad either, though ;)
  • Favorite pattern: I love paisley and stripes.
  • Favorite day of the week: Wednesday aka: Humpday.  It means the week is halfway over!
  • Favorite flower: Sunflowers and Daffodils.

The following 10 blogs are my nominees for the Sunshine Award, and you should all check them out!

  1. The Reading Itch
  2. Ink
  3. Glorious Treats
  4. The Bitchin’ Kitchin’
  5. Honestly…WTF
  6. Indie Rock Cafe
  7. Sugar Derby
  8. Newdust
  9. Eat, Sleep, Television
  10. Ashley’s Homemade Adventures

Congratulations bloggers!


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