The Liebster Blog Award

Liebester Blog AwardA big thank you goes out to Alicia at Why We Yell for granting Mookology the Liebster Blog award!  This award is given to interesting, up-and-coming bloggers striving for success.  I am very thankful and accept this award graciously!

There are a few ground rules involving the Liebster Blog Award.  First, you must thank the blogger who nominated you along with a link back to their site.  Next, you must paste the award on your blog.  Finally, you should pass the award along to other deserving bloggers.

Mookology would like to grant the Liebster Blog Award to:

  • The Anxiety of Authorship Stephanie and I have been friends for some time and her blog posts are thought provoking and clever.  Each of her posts are well thought-out and meaningful, giving her readers a glimpse into her life and personality.  Not to mention, she is a fantastic published writer!
  • The Place to Zone Out My dear friend Tom is witty and his posts are exactly as his blog describes; a place to zone out.  He touches upon the mundane existences of everyday life combined with interesting thoughts and life anecdotes.
  • The World According to Cheese No one loves cheese more than Anna does and  The World According to Cheese is filled with ridiculously interesting information on this favorable dairy product.  She even tried the delicacy Casu Marzu, a maggot-filled cheese.  Talk about determination!
  • The Food Crawl My Aunt Lorraine makes some of the best food I’ve ever tasted and her blog makes me drool instantly.  In her own words, the definition of her blog is “Food crawl (n). a multi-stop investigation of the best restaurants, meals, or specific item on the menu. Food crawls may last a few or much longer depending on the type of crawl.”
  • Such a Book Nerd – Now this is a blog that truly deserves some attention and it is presented for all you closet book nerds out there.  Get reading this blog and reading some books!

And there you have it!  Congratulations recipients, enjoy :)


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