“The Hunger Games” is Already Breaking Box-Office Records!

The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

via EW.com

Entertainment Weekly has launched its own section for “The Hunger Games” where visitors can find the latest and greatest news on the series (both film and print.)  Though this may be a bit of old news for some, “The Hunger Games” has already ousted the “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” in advanced ticket sales!  Take that Twi-hards!

According to a report from Fandango.com, the February 22nd release of advanced tickets for “The Hunger Games” accounted for over 80% of their daily revenue.  Rick Butler, Executive VP and General Manager of Fandango stated on February 23rd:

“Yesterday we saw the biggest first day advance ticket sales in our company’s nearly 12-year historywhich is especially impressive for a March release and a non-sequel.” via BoxOffice.com

Since this statement, E! Online has announced that a “Catching Fire” script has been presented to Suzanne Collins with a temporary release date of November 2013, so fans of the trilogy can rest peacefully.  In general, this is fantastic news for “The Hunger Games” and mookologists around the globe!

Buy advanced tickets to “The Hunger Games” at Fandango.com


10 thoughts on ““The Hunger Games” is Already Breaking Box-Office Records!

  1. This is a book I’ve looked at but not yet found the time to read. I’m a bit wary of books written for young audiences as some I have found to be over hyped. The general theme of the book is one familiar to me as I read several like it when I was a young adult and found myself drawn to those more darker themes. Would you recommend this book? If anything the previews to the movie has encouraged me to give this series a second look.

    • I wouldn’t be fooled by the YA genre it falls into. Yes, The Hunger Games is intended for a younger audience and is written very simply. However, the story line is complex and much darker than a traditional YA novel. Even though there are relationship elements The Hunger Games goes much deeper than that. I held off reading this myself because I felt it would be too immature and YA series’ like Twilight are really disappointing and stupid to me. But from the first day I began reading, I ended up immersed within story and felt it to be kind of disturbing for a “kiddie” book. I would give it a shot! Even if you don’t like it you will zip through it in no time since it’s a very easy read.

  2. I saw the trailer and I think this will be a movie very “tunned” to the book. It appears to bring us the same feeling I have when reading the book. Mysterious, a bit sinister in the start (and a lot more as your reading progresses). And Katniss is just as I imagined.

    But, in my opinion, the series did not ends well. The end is not just dark, is pretty much depressing. The characters are great, the plot is very good, but at the end I was whith a inconclusiveness sensation. SPOILER AHEAD: At less, Prim should not have died.

    However, I think it will be a memorable movie. The books were best-sellers in USA ?


    • Mockingjay was my least favorite of the series and, like you, I finished it with a very empty feeling. I also felt the last 20 -30 pages to be incredibly rushed and underdeveloped however, I think it will make for a great film adaptation as long as the actors can pull it off (which I think they will.) Regardless, I loved the first two book enough to appreciate the trilogy as a whole. The series is most definitely a huge success and best seller in the USA with the movie bringing it to even bigger fame. Check back next week for my post on the movie! Thanks for reading :)

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